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Infonet Technologies

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JB Hydraaulics
J. B. WORKS has been promoted in the year 2008 by Mr. P.J. BANSIDHAR – Proprietor, of this organization, in Sidco Industrial Estate, K. Pudur, Madurai, the Temple city of Tamilnadu.
After gaining the experience from his Father Shri. P.K.JAWAHARLAL ( Founder & Chairman of Jawahar Industries & group of Companies ) for 15 years, with his Father and Mother Srimathi. P.J. NAGARATHINAM – Proprietrix – SRI DEVI ENGINEERING WORKS Blessings started J. B. WORKS to manufacture machinaries & SPM’s to serve Rubber and other Engineering Industries in and around Tamil Nadu & all over India.
This organization is a SSI Unit, Certified with ISO 9001 : 2008, having Experienced Engineers and skilled labours who are all along with the management. As a team work are sincerely committed to provide quality product and allied services to their customers meeting their satisfactory requirements.
And shall endeavor to deliver on time and shall constantly strive to improve their activities in all area’s on continuing basis.
Our Products:
Hydraulic Presses (10 Ton - 500 Ton Capacity)
Hydraulic Power Packs
Hydraulic Cylinders
Bale Cutting Machines
Sheet Slitting Machines
Auto – Rubber Strainers Mould’s
Engineering Fabrications & SPM’s
The following Industries are using our Products...
Auto Rubber Moulded Components Manufacturer’s
Tube – Tyre Manufacturer’s
V- Belt Manufacturer’s
Conveyer Belt Manufacturer’s
Textile Mill’s
Other Engineering Industries...
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Kannan Jacquard Industries
We have 50+ years experience in Jacquard Box and handloom Accessories. We are manufacturing and supplying "Jacquard Box" and "Accessorie Spare Parts" to Handlooms, Power Looms, State Government, Central Government, Clusters, Societies, Central Silk Board and Kadhi Board in India.
The following Products and Accessories are manufacturing in our Madurai Factory...
Jacquard Box
Body - Wooden, steel, casting 
Hooks – 120,240,240 double, 480, 400,600,
Lifting _ single, double
Cylinder Motion _ Upper, Lower
Motorized Jacquard Lifting Machine
New Loom (Pedal Loom and Wooden, Frame Loom)
Healds and Reeds with Accessories
Size - 40 to 120 
Reed - P.B Metal, All Metal, Bamboo, S.S Metal
Healds - Nylon (with Mounting), Cotton, Varnished Cotton  
Shuttle, Pirn, harness, lingoes, odi, Comber Board, etc.,
WARP Roll and Fabric Beam (Wooden and Steel)
Take Up and Left Off Motion (Silk and Auto)
7 wheels 
5 wheels
3 wheels
Card Punching Machine (Manually and Computerised)
Pirn Winding Machine
All other Spare Parts
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Karpagam Motors

Karpagam Motors

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Ram computers

computer is an electronic device that manipulates information, or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data. You may already know that you can use a computer to type documents, send email, play games, and browse the Web.

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SRE Corporation

SRE Corporation

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